When it comes to renovating your home or at the time of construction, one major decision that you need to take is about the flooring. 

There are a plethora of options from carpet flooring to ceramic tiles and even terrazzo, but hardwood flooring remains a favorite with many. It is the reason that along with other types of flooring, we choose to offer wood flooring services in Queens. 

What are the Best Wooden Flooring Options?

However, choosing a wood floor is more than merely selecting the color of the wood that you want. Choosing hardwood flooring is a task that you should do with the help of professionals like us. It is because few laymen know that in basements and apartments that have concrete subfloors, you need to install a particular type of engineered wood flooring.

Or else you need to install the wooden flooring over 2 to 3 layers of plywood. If you try to do this yourself, then the flooring will interfere with the opening and closing of the doors. However, we do it with expertise where such problems do not occur. 

The best part is that apart from the technicalities, we also help you with the aesthetic factor. We ensure that the flooring color and style that you choose meets your tastes and preferences and also the other aesthetic factors of your home or office.

Choose Professionals

Some people prefer the DIY approach to everything, but we do not recommend doing that with wood flooring. It is because it can be complicated, and if you go wrong, then it will end up burning a big hole in your pocket. 

At the same time, you will have to live with flooring troubles. It is because natural wood moves in three directions once it has been installed – radial, tangential, and longitudinal.

This factor has to be kept in mind while installing wooden flooring. The wood moves throughout the year, and if the installation of the flooring is not done correctly, then you will end up with a floor that gives you a lot of trouble. 

On the other hand, if you opt for our services, we can do the task with finesse and expertise.

Jackson Heights Elmhurst Flooring Services

Larger Variety of Wood Floors Brands and Styles

We have a vast range of wood floors to buy in Queens, and you can see these options on our website. Of course, oak is still the favorite, but now there are many other kinds of wood that can provide excellent flooring options. It is especially true if you opt for engineered wood. 

We can help you choose a flooring option that is within your budget and also suited to your specific requirements. For instance, homes with kids and pets require flooring that does not scratch easily. 

Once you have decided on the wooden flooring, then comes installation. We use a completely professional method of installing wood flooring, which will make sure that no problems arise with it in the future

Covered by warranty

We provide a good warranty on all our flooring materials and services, and in some cases, we offer a lifetime warranty also. Hence if there is any problem with your wood flooring, then we will fix it immediately at great prices and excellent service. 

How we help you choose flooring

As mentioned above nowadays, there is the option of engineered wood flooring. However, you have to be careful in your choice because some engineered wood planks have a very thin top layer. 

In this case, if you wish to refinish it in the future by sanding off the top layer, then it will not be possible. These are the technicalities that we guide you with

Then again, there is the choice of raw wood planks or prefinished ones. Prefinished planks can be installed straight away and do not need to be finished and polished later on.

However, with raw wood, you will have to allow a professional like us to sand off the surface and provide the flooring a proper finish.

Then comes the finish which again has a lot of options including 

  • Penetrating oil
  • Oil like hybrids
  • Site finish polyurethane
  • Prefinished UV cure finishes. 


For a non-specialist, it is sufficient to know that there are two types of finishes oil and polyurethane. Here again, our flooring service comes in handy. We can suggest the right finish for your floor depending on your family’s specific requirement and your budget.

There are many other factors regarding wooden flooring, and our professionals will be pleased to discuss them with you in person. Call Us Now!

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