Find out the best way to keep your engineered wood floor clean and shining

If you like the appearance of wood flooring but are worried about the expense, maintenance, etc. then engineered wood floors are an ideal choice for you. 40 percent of wooden flooring sold in the USA is engineered wood. It is very close in appearance and performance to solid wood and will look classy and stunning in your home.

The Main Dilemma

The problem with solid or engineered wood is keeping it clean without damage so that it lasts for a long time. Whether solid wood or engineered, it is prone to scratches. 

Dirt and debris on the floor can cause such damage. It is the reason that it is necessary to keep the engineered wood floors clean. 

Therefore, you need to understand how to clean such floors with ease

Three main care tips

  • Use a microfiber dust mop which will pick up the dirt and debris off the floor
  • Use a flat-bottomed mop so that there is no splashing of water and hence no accumulation of water on the surface. It is because accumulated water on an engineered wood surface can damage it in the long run.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive elements on the floor to avoid damaging it. Always follow the right guidelines to clean your engineered wooden flooring to keep it safe and clean for a long time

Keep your floor dirt free

  • It is advisable to sweep or use a vacuum cleaner on your floor daily to keep it free from dirt. The vacuum cleaner that you use should come with a soft flooring attachment to avoid scratches on your engineered wood floor
  • If you want to wash your floor, then you should always sweep or vacuum before washing. It is to remove the dirt and debris that will otherwise cause scratches on the floor while washing. 
  • As mentioned above, even a microfiber dust mop is also an excellent alternative to sweeping and vacuum cleaners.

What kind of cleaning products to use

Wooden flooring even engineered one is a little delicate, and it is essential to understand how to clean it using the right products. It is necessary to know which chemical products you should avoid using on your wooden floor.

  • Harsh detergents and wax-based cleaners are an absolute no for your floor. Usually, the labels on the cleaning materials mention whether they are safe to use on engineered wooden flooring. Hence check the names of any cleaning product that you purchase.
  • You should never use abrasive materials like steel or wool to clean your floor as it will cause scratching and damage it.
  • Make sure that whatever cleaning product you use, you must finish the process by washing the floor with plain water to remove any trace of cleaning products. These cleaning products are left on the floor for a long time can harm the flooring.

Mopping your floor is allowed

It is safe to mop your wooden flooring. However, keep certain tips in mind.

  • As mentioned above use a flat mop instead of one with strings to avoid splashing of water
  • Clean up any spills or liquids on the floor immediately because they are very harmful to wooden flooring and can mar its appearance. Excessive water  can damage any wood flooring quite severely
  • When cleaning use two things – one a bucket with cleaning liquid and another bucket with plain water. 
  • Always rinse off the cleaning liquid with plain water immediately to keep your floor looking aesthetic for a long time

Maintenance of engineered wood flooring

Although engineered wood flooring has the same aesthetic and classy appearance as solid wood flooring, it is more stable structure-wise. It is easier to maintain and lighter on your pocket as well. 

Engineered wood is more tolerant to changes in temperature and moisture levels. Even then, you need to take proper care of the flooring if you want it to look good and last for a long time.

Always protect your flooring from moisture. However, engineered wood can cope with humidity in a better manner than solid wood. Even so, it is advisable to never let it become soaking wet. 

When you are mopping the floor, make sure to wring the mop and remove any excess water. Never allow any liquid to sit on it for a long time.

Protect your wooden flooring from dents and scratches

While some people with quirky taste think that dents and scratches add character to a wood floor, most prefer to keep their flooring free from such damage. 

Wooden flooring is especially susceptible to dents and scratches, and this is the reason why you need to be extra careful with it. Off course it is possible to repair the damage within a limit, but prevention is always better than cure. 

Keeping these things in mind will allow you to enjoy the great appearance of your engineered wood floor for a long time.