Laminate wood floors are robust and long-lasting. That means you can easily clean these floors. However, you need to know about proper cleaning strategies to retain their beauty for many years to come. Remember, you must protect such floors from moisture to ensure longevity. 

Although such floors are made of wood composite (pressed sawdust), they appear as solid hardware flooring. Moreover, you can get laminate wood floors installed at an affordable cost. 

A protective layer is present atop the floors that further streamline the cleaning process. Since laminate floors need special maintenance to preserve their shimmering effect, you need to know ways for the same.

How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors?

You must not make use of wet mops or steam cleaners. These materials can cause permanent damage to such floors. 

If there are spills on the floor, you should use a damp cloth to soak the water. Do not allow any liquid on these floors. 

When it comes to cleaning tight spots (paint, ink, oil, tar, etc.), make use of nail polish remover or acetone. Then, start applying it with a clean white cloth. Next, wipe the entire area with a moist cloth to clean the remaining spots (if any). 

Regular sweeping, vacuuming or dusting of the laminate wood floors is essential. Take the help of a hard floor attachment (do not use the beater bar). Thus, you can stop the build-up of dust and dirt that could further deteriorate the floor finish.

Moreover, you should often clean such floors with some top-notch cleaning products, specially made for laminate floors.

You should not wash the floor with a soap solution, oil-soap detergent, liquid cleaning solution, or water. Otherwise, it can cause delamination, warping, swelling, and the separation of the joint lines. Moreover, it can also nullify the warranty

You should never use steel wool, strong chlorinated or ammoniated cleaners, or abrasive cleaners.

Wondering about cleaning the spots like chewing gum or candle wax? 

First, you need to harden the stain with ice. Then, start scrapping with the help of a plastic scraper in a gentle way. Do not scratch the surface of the laminated wood floors. Use a damp cloth and start wiping to clean the floor.

Also, do not forget to use a mat under your pet’s water bowl. The same applies to the high chair of your baby. You should not use any shine promoting solution. It can result in the waxy build-up, which is extremely difficult to clean.

Do not take help of pine-scented cleaners. Such solutions can cause a soapy, dull remainder.

Refrain from using Murphy’s Oil, as it can impart strains on such floors. 

There is a massive debate over using vinegar for laminate wood floors. Being an acidic solution, it is not an ideal option for the laminate surface. However, some people take help of vinegar (a small portion) and plenty of hot water to clean most pet grime. Overusing the solution can wipe the protective seal of such floors.

You can often make use of a steam mop for deep cleaning of laminate wood floors. But, you should not use it daily unless it can deteriorate the laminate.

Make use of a window cleaner frequently to get rid of spills. Overuse of ammonia can harm the protective layer. Do not take help of homemade cleaners. 

Run a canister vacuum daily across the entire floor to protect it from dust and dirt from crevices as well as cracks.

Damp-mop your laminate wood floors to do a deep cleaning. Since kitchens experience more foot traffic than other spaces, you need to clean it more often. Don’t use any essentials oils or added fragrances to clean the surface. 

How to Maintain Old Laminate Wood Floors?

  • You should use entry mats to collect grit, sand, and dirt, and many other elements like asphalt, oil, etc. Otherwise, the quality of your floor will start deteriorating. 
  • Take help of floor protectors and rollers to lower the risks of scratches from the furniture. Measure the heaviness of the object and choose the floor protector accordingly.
  • You need to retain the level of standard indoor relative humidity between the range of 35% and 65% all around the year. Thus, you can expect to alleviate the contraction as well as the expansion of the wood. 
  • Conventional wet mopping is not allowed.
  • Don’t walk through such floors with stiletto heels. 
  • Save your laminate wood floors from extreme exposure to water in times of cold weather. 
  • Trim your pets’ nails, and thus you can protect the floor from scratching.
  • Do not slide any heavy object throughout the floor.
  • Make use of a protective mat with castors to save your floors from chairs or furniture sets. 

If your floor has already caught up starches, you should take help of a laminate kit. In the case of plank replacement, you should always contact an expert.