Vinyl flooring is made with polyvinyl chloride resins, plasticizers, pigments and trace  stabilizers. They come in many different colors, shapes and designs. It has been developed to last for long time and to be easy to clean; however, the wrong maintenance could bring your easy to maintain floor into a hard one to keep clean. 

So here are some suggestions:

Daily Clean:

  1. Broom daily, vacuum floor or use a dry duster cleaner.
  2. We highly recommend this process to avoid build up or dust on top of your floor.


Weekly Clean:

  1. Once a week you can use a damp mop, warm water and any neutral floor cleaner  two ounces per gallon.
  2. Do not over wet the floor.
  3. Also you can use a spray atomizer to keep your floor cleaner and water mixed,  spray it  over the floor and use a micro fiber mop to clean, make sure to remove any excess.
  4. Please remember to broom, vacuum your floor  or use a dry duster prior this step.
  5. Also you should read any manufacturer instructions to prevent any future damages on your Vinyl Floor.

How to clean Stains, scuff marks and many more


As soon as you find out that there is a stain,  treated immediately.

First use a dry clean cloth to remove any wetness on the floor pressing the cloth down and bringing it up, doing it this way won’t  spread the stain.

After the first step is done,  using a damp cloth with water and neutral floor cleaner can be the solution but if this doesn’t work and the stain does not come off, then you can use the following products:

Clean up the stain with mineral spirit after the stain is gone  rinse it with water.

It is very important to use this method only on the stain and also to rinse with water right away and dry it with paper towel or another dry cloth.


I don’t have mineral spirits…what do I do?

If you do Not have mineral spirit then you can apply white vinegar using a white cloth put few drops  and rub it till the stain is gone, rinse with water and dry it with a new white cloth or paper towel. 

Another great option is Isopropyl 70% using white cloth put few drops on the cloth and just rub it until stain is gone, this will actually remove stains and  kill any bacteria on the floor as well. (What is isopropyl? Is alcohol 70%).


The following are products you should not use to clean your Vinyl floor:

Acetone, wax, abrasive powders, laundry detergent,, black soap, any oil based products. There  are cleaning machines  such as steam cleaners that  could work but you must be careful because you could damage your floor if you don’t use it properly..

You can always test any method you prefer in a closet or in an area that is not so visible to make sure that the method you are using is safe for your floor.


Safety tips:  Use gloves and safety goggles when using any cleaning method

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