A wooden floor has its advantages – style and hygiene being the biggest ones. However, wood floors are comparatively expensive to install, which can make them feel like an unnecessary dent in the bank account. 

Anywho, homeowners end up saving a lot of money in the long run – wooden floors last decades and are easier to clean than carpets. In fact, a hardwood floor increases the value of the home since buyers are willing to pay more for preinstalled hardwood. 

Wooden floors do have a minor problem that haunts many homeowners – squeakiness. A squeaky floor is annoying, and tiptoeing around the house in the night so that no one wakes up is a bittering experience.

If you’re noticing some squeaks here and there, know that it is normal. There’s no need to worry about the structural integrity of the floor – it’s still intact, and a squeak can be fixed in under ten minutes!

There are different methods to fix a squeaky floor, depending on whether you have access to the subfloor or not. Let us go over them quickly:

Fixing a Squeak if you Have access to the Subfloor

The first step is to locate where precisely the squeak is. Locating a squeak is a two-person job: one walks around the floor to find the squeak, while the other person under the level marks where the squeak is. 

Having a wood floor above crawl space or a basement makes fixing this issue much more straightforward.

If the squeak comes from just one part of the floorboard, then it can be the fixed rapidly. All you have to do is to find a wood shim. Then you gently tap it between the joists and the subfloor. Doing this fills the gap between them and fixes the squeak. Don’t push it in too hard though – it will form a hump on the floor above. 

Now, if you find the whole floorboard to be squeaky – there’s an even simpler fix. You don’t have to locate where the squeak is exactly, just the general area of the squeak; and fill the gap between the joist and the subfloor with a strong construction adhesive. Using a caulking gun will ensure better application.
The adhesive will solidify and fix the squeak while maintaining the integrity of the wood.

If you find that the floor squeaks because the hardwood floor is rubbing against the plywood subfloor under it, driving a short wood screw through the bottom of the subfloor into the base of the floor will fix the squeak. Make sure you turn it slowly, and the screw doesn’t reach the top of the floor.

If you happen to have a squeaky staircase, don’t worry. Access its undersides and tap wood shims in between the risers and the treads – it is an easy fix!

Fixing a Squeak if You do not have Access to the Subfloor

Eliminating a squeaky floor or staircase can be complicated if the space underneath it is finished, and you do not have access to the undersides of the area.

In such cases, squeaks in a wooden floorboard are fixed using a dry lubricant. Get some powdered graphite or soapstone. Talcum powder will do the trick too. Sprinkle into the joints and crevices of the floorboard. Then place a cloth over the area and walk over it a couple of times. It will work the lubricant down into the cracks, and reduce wood-on-wood friction – fixing the squeak.

After you’re done, simply vacuum the remainder of the powder away, or use a damp cloth and wipe it off the floor.

Buying a floor repair kit is a good idea as well, it will help you eliminate any space between the flooring and the subfloors from up above – no access to subfloors needed!

You could also reach the professionals to help rid your floor from squeaks at reasonable prices. At CTFlooring, the customer’s satisfaction is the top priority – we’re quick to reach you and quicker to fix your problems.

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