Wooden floors tolerate many tortures daily. It might be due to high heels, furniture relocation, a pet scratching its nails on it, and so on.

Wood floorings are indeed durable and robust, but you must take care of its finish, as it can easily invite scratches.

Are you thinking of refinishing? Don’t know where to begin?

The refinishing process is about placing a new exterior finish on existing wooden floors, but it is a costly option. Moreover, it is not needed frequently.

Polishing is another option that can restore the beauty and elegance of your wooden floors. It is also a budget-friendly way to remove imperfections and expand longevity. 

The process needs one head mop, a branded wood floor polish, and a microfiber cleaning pad. Moreover, you can opt for high-gloss or low-gloss sheens, as per your preference. 

How To Be Sure About Polishing

Whether wood flooring needs polishing or not depends on its finish. Do your floors come with a protective surface (like with waterproof resistance)? If yes, then you can consider polishing of your flooring. 

On the contrary, if your floors feature penetrating finishes, you should consider wax rather than polishing. 

Remember, choosing the wrong product can result in a lot of problems, such as dulling the floor finish. That’s why it’s a must to figure out the type of flooring before you dive into polishing.

The Polishing Technique

If you are sure about the polishing requirement, follow the steps below:

Test the Flooring Finish:

  • Start the process by analyzing the wooden floor’s finish. Take a sharp knife blade and extract a little bit of an unnoticeable portion of the floor.
  • If you get scraped-up material often, then the floor features a surface finish. That means you can start polishing it. 

The Cleaning Process of Wood Floorings:

  • First, you need to empty the desired location and relocate your furniture sets as much as possible. Start cleaning the entire place to remove all rubbish. Vacuum the space followed by mopping with a wood floor cleaner
  • You can prepare a homemade solution by adding dish soap (a quarter-cup) to warm water (one gallon) for removing stubborn grime. 
  • Now, use a water-moistened mop to get rid of cleaner residue (if any). Afterward, take a clean, soft towel to dry the location.

Cleaning Strategies Of Unfinished Wooden Floors:

  • You should not use water for cleaning such type of floors. Wood can quickly soak liquid, resulting in the deterioration of fiber quality. As a result, watermarks can start appearing that can become a breeding ground for molds.
  • Use a branded floor wax to remove scratches and rubbish from the floor. Take a steel wool ball to rub the floor wax so that the visible marks can become unnoticed. 
  • Never overuse wax if you don’t want to see discoloration of your wooden floor. 

Start Polishing the Wooden Floors:

  • First, you need to make a strategy for starting and finishing the process. Start with a back corner. Take a small amount of floor polish and make an S-shape on the floor. 
  • Now, take a flat-surface mop and spread the solution towards the wood grain. 
  • Do not allow any air bubbles to pop up. Divide the entire place into a width of three to five feet and execute the same process. 
  • Thus, you can perform the task with a small amount of wood polish. Coat the entire space as evenly as possible. However, you can also think about double coating, if you need it.
  • Remember, wood polishing can discolor baseboards and drywall. So, apply the polish by taking care of such areas. 

The Waiting Period:

The wood polishing process needs a waiting period of a minimum of one hour. After that, limited footsteps are allowed. But you must wait for a whole day before shifting your furniture. Do not push or pull furniture unless the floor is dry. 

Use furniture pads below heavy furniture sets to protect the polish. 


Once you are done with polishing, you will get beautiful wooden floors. However, you should follow some precautions to retain the feel and appearance of your wood floorings. 

  • Place rugs at the doorsteps to stop dust and dirt from coming outside. 
  • Use a rug at your kitchen sink to absorb water drops and spills. 
  • Maintain a daily cleaning and a weekly vacuuming routine to retain the sheen of your wooden floors. 
  • Moreover, you must follow a deep cleaning routine every month. 
  • Do not opt for homemade cleaning liquids, as they could dull the surface. 
  • Limit the cleaning process up to four applications in a year. 
  • You should never drench wooden floorings with water.  
  • Use water very carefully in finished wooden floors. Avoid using it on unfinished wood floorings.

Now, you are familiar with wooden floor’s polishing technique. You can easily pick the products yourself and give your floor an improved look. All the best!