Vinyl flooring has become very popular nowadays due to its resilience and easy maintenance. Most homeowners and even commercial establishments opt for vinyl floors as it is also cost-effective. We can safely say that we provide the best vinyl flooring services in Queens. If you navigate through our website, you will find swatches of the vinyl flooring tiles and sheets that we have with us. It is quite unlikely that you will find such a wide variety of material that we have with us.

Resilient flooring is popular

Resilient flooring like carpet, ceramic tiles, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl are becoming quite popular all over the United States. 12 percent of all flooring sold in the country is resilient in nature. It is because such flooring does not carry the impressions of any heavy item placed on it for a long time. It always bounces back to a flat surface. We choose to provide vinyl flooring to our customers to help them enhance their home décor along with making the maintenance easier.

Our professionalism

We have already mentioned the variety of material available with us, and we also follow the correct method of installing vinyl flooring. We have a choice of two types in vinyl flooring – felt and fiberglass. Traditionally felt has been popular, but the new fiberglass option is more durable and provides more cushioning underfoot. We follow the thoroughly professional method of installing vinyl flooring, and this is the reason that our customers consider ours to be the best vinyl floors in Queens. Let us look at the method we follow to install vinyl floors so that you get an idea about our expertise and professionalism.

  • Whether you are opting for tiles or sheet vinyl flooring, we take the exact measurement of your floor so that there are no ill-fitting flooring spaces.
  • The second step is to remove all obstacles on the floor. For instance, if we are working in the bedroom, then we will remove all the furniture from the room to leave the space open to work on
  • The next step is to get rid of the old flooring, which is a tedious and sometimes messy task which our expert workers handle with excellent finesse. Removing old flooring can be challenging, and this is where our skillset comes into the picture.
  • To install any vinyl flooring, the surface on which it is installed should be completely flat. If you try to do this task yourself, you will end up leaving scratches on the subfloor or the floor could become gouged or damaged in some way. This is the reason that this task requires the skills of our expert professionals
  • Sometimes we use an under-layer of “vinyl floor grade plywood” to ensure that the subfloor is completely flat and perfect to lay on the vinyl flooring. In larger rooms, we use paper templates so that each cut we make to the vinyl sheets or tiles is ideal for the room
  • We use rolling pins or floor roller to ensure that the vinyl sheets or tiles are installed in a perfect manner

Benefits of our services

The adhesives and other material that we use is of excellent quality, and we provide a handsome warranty both on the material and the labor. In fact, in most cases, we offer a lifetime installation warranty. Even if you have any problem with your vinyl flooring years after installation, we will correct the problem. 

The best part is that we provide vinyl flooring that is kids and pets proof. Our vinyl flooring material is one of the hardiest that you will get anywhere else. It is the reason that we can safely say we provide the best vinyl flooring service in Queens.

Hence if you are considering changing your flooring then getting vinyl flooring installed by us will save you a lot of money and hassle. It is because ours is the most cost-effective service in Queens. At the same time, our staff will ensure that they not only complete the task fast but also make the minimal intrusion in your privacy or daily routine.

A customer-centric attitude

We are well known among our customers as a very responsive company with employees who have a similar approach. We provide the best vinyl flooring service in Queens because we also help in the aesthetic aspect of installing the floor. We have with us expert interior decorators who will guide you on the type of best vinyl floor in Queens you should choose.

It is necessary to choose a more durable kind of flooring if you have kids or pets. At the same time, the flooring should match the other aspects of your home interior décor. Of course, you are the master of the house, but our professional decorators will help you in deciding which pattern will suit your home interior décor the best.

Hence if you want vinyl flooring service anywhere in Queens, then you can call us and leave the rest to our professionals.


A specialist from our experienced team of technicians will visit your home, free of charge, and help you with estimating the cost of installation. All of this can be done in just a few clicks!